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Apartments in Trevi, Rome

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Trevi Fountain has roots that date back to long before Fellini created his cinematic Roman dreamscape. The site is reputed to be at the junction of three roads - tre vi - that marks the arrival point of the Acqua Vergine, an ancient acquaduct that provided water to much of the city. The fountain and its elaborate facade was a papal commission from the 18th century, relatively recent in Roman terms, but while it sits at the centre of the district, there is a lot more to see. Palazzo Barberini with its competing staircases by Bernini and Borromini sits to the east, and the Quirinale, once home to the pope, now the presidential palace. Make the most of it with dinner at one of Rome's most historic restaurants, Al Moro - tucked down a side street near the fountain, and full of waiters who claim to have been Fellini's extras.