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With the Piazza San Marco at its heart, this area is a hotspot for cultural sights. It’s packed with museums, churches, squares, and historic buildings that can keep you occupied for days on end. This bundle of streets holds some of the greatest artistic heritage in Europe – the Accademia Gallery houses the original David by Michelangelo, and many of the famous Italian painters were members of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. The Piazza and the San Marco Museum are also big tourist attractions, but the manicured gardens to their east offer a bit more peace and quiet. From here, you can visit anywhere in the historic centre of Florence by foot, but in the evenings you’ll find plenty of charming family-run restaurants lighting up in the quieter side streets. Many visitors are put off by the crowds that inevitably come with such a concentration of tourist attractions – but for guests keen to witness the city’s cultural history, it’s non-negotiable.