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Unsurprisingly, Pitti stretches from the Palazzo Pitti – a Renaissance palace housing a vast European art collection – up to the river. Historically a working-class neighbourhood, today it’s full of boutique and artisan shops, leftovers from the tradesmen who used to inhabit the streets. This area is less busy and touristy than the northern districts, but those in the know still come to the Boboli Garden and Belvedere Fort for the fantastic city views. The Santo Spirito area – with the ornate Basilica at its centre – is known for its lively atmosphere. The side streets around the main square bustle with small trattorias, and by night it becomes a hotspot. Bars and clubs open well into the early hours, so visitors hoping to be asleep by nine o'clock might want to seek somewhere more secluded. It’s also a great spot for art lovers, with several impressive galleries and museums, and more of Florence’s most famous artworks just over the river. Still, the offer of palatial gardens and impressive Renaissance architecture without the hectic crowds of the city’s northern districts is enough on its own, particular