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Looking for Airbnbs with Eiffel Tower Views?

Fancy seeing some of the city's most iconic sights from the comfort of your own home? Take a look at this collection of homes with the most remarkable views.


Plum Guide home with Eiffel Tower view

The phrase 'a feast for the senses' could very well have been written with Paris in mind. (It probably wasn't, but it could have been.) This city offers you pleasing sights, sounds, and tastes at every turn. The tastes may be the biggest pull for some of us but for now, we're focusing on the sights. Sightseeing in Paris doesn't have to involve tiring and lengthy excursions, nor should it quite frankly. Whether you're looking for an Airbnb with Eiffel Tower views or a boutique hotel looking over the river Seine, we think there's nothing better than seeing the city's magic from the comfort of your own vacation home. With that in mind, we've carefully curated a list of Plum Guide's Paris homes with the most gorgeous views in the city.

The Iron Lady

From The Iron Lady, rest assured you'll get the Eiffel Tower view of your Parisian dreams. Look out through almost any room within this romantic home to get a front row view of the iconic tower. The large bay windows make it easy to soak in all of the architectural details. You're also well situated for that ultimate Eiffel Tower Instagram shot…because isn't that the done thing these days?

The Iron Lady, Plum Guide home in Paris

The Birdwatcher

This family home offers some of the best views in the city. You'll forget all about your search for Airbnbs with Eiffel Tower views. The chic interiors, mixing velvet, marble and brass, are very well done, but it's the home's outdoor space that steals the show. The Birdwatcher's spacious terrace offers a remarkable view of the Eiffel Tower, best enjoyed at sunset when the famous Champs Élysées neighbourhood glows underneath too.

The Birdwatcher, Plum Guide home in Paris

Mykonos Muse

Mykonos Muse is a bohemian home in the bustling Saint-Germain-des-Près neighbourhood brimming with character, greenery and modern touches. Head outside to the home's balcony and enjoy views over the typically Parisian rooftops around you. With a glass of wine in hand, you'll never want to leave the sight before your eyes. Nor could we blame you.

Mykonos Muse, Plum Guide home in Paris

The Observatory

Spend your days (and evenings) gaping at the panoramic views on display here at The Observatory. This spacious three-bedroom home is located in the exclusive 8th arrondissement of Paris. Choose from one its many outdoor spaces to dine al fresco, TO unwind with a glass of wine or two, or simply to sit and take in the city sights all around you.

The Observatory, Plum Guide home in Paris

Notre Dame’s Neighbour

Never again will you have a neighbour as majestic as this one. Get as up close and personal to Notre Dame as you can from the comfort of this Île de Saint Louis home. Notre Dame's Neighbour is a bright, airy and thoughtfully designed space where guests can admire the cathedral's intricate architectural detail from morning to night. In terms of homes with views, this really is as impressive as they come.

Notre Dame's Neighbour, Plum Guide home in Paris


Clementine is an ideal space for a large group or family with kids visiting Paris. Once you've all explored the home and argued over come to an agreement on sleeping arrangements, turn your attention outside. All of the rooms in this home have large windows boasting lovely views across the city, but it's the living room view that wins our vote. Walk out through the French doors and spot some of the city’s landmarks and architectural gems.

Clementine, Plum Guide home in Paris

The Tannery

The Tannery's interior space is both stylish and homely, with nods to vintage design in every corner. But let's get to the good stuff, because we all know what we're here for. With incredible Eiffel Tower views from every single room, you can laugh at the tourists queueing to climb up it for hours upon end as you lounge around to your heart's content. Warning: with views like that, once you've stayed here you'll never want to stay anywhere else again.

The Tannery, Plum Guide home in Paris

The Golden Bamboo

There’s a lot to take in at The Golden Bamboo. As soon as you walk in, you'll love the striking design details of this one-bedroom home (and want to replicate them in your own home as soon as you get back). Full of artworks and antiques, you might think you've mistakenly stepped into a museum rather than a Plum home. Once you've finished gawping at the interiors, step out onto the balcony and cast a glance right for a glimpse of the river Seine. It's a calming contrast to the grandiose design inside, and it really works.

The Golden Bamboo, Plum Guide home in Paris

Notre Dame’s Balcony

Get a good look at two of the best places to visit in Paris from the comfort of this chic, contemporary apartment. From Notre Dame's Balcony's (you guessed it) balcony, you can gaze out at both the river Seine and the Notre Dame cathedral. Located in the bustling historic centre of Paris, the warm interiors within the home offer a welcome sense of calm that make you forget all about being right in the heart of the city's bustling historic centre. But you are, so sip you morning coffee au balcon and get ready to go out and seize the day – you've got lots of exploring to do.

Notre Dame's Balcony, Plum Guide home in Paris

Sky Jaima

It’s rare to find a private terrace so spacious in a city like Paris, and Sky Jaima has not just one, but two. You might not be in the heart of the city here, but this location was once home to twentieth-century artists and intellectuals like Pablo Picasso and Simone de Beauvoir to name but a few. It's a great base for exploring the 6th and 7th arrondissements nearby too and with panoramic views like this, why would you want to be anywhere else?

Sky Jaima, Plum Guide home in Paris


This home is all windows, French doors and natural light, and we adore it. The balcony offers a great view of Paris, but you don’t even need to step outside to enjoy the cityscpae with this one. Look out across the city from the comfort of your sofa (or better yet, your bed). Once you're (finally) ready to leave, the host of this home provides bicycles, so the city really is yours for the taking. Enjoy a picnic in one of the parks of Paris, shop along one of its famous streets or while away an afternoon in a gallery. When staying in a home like Gabrielle, you'll feel like a local flâneur in no time.

Gabrielle, Plum Guide home in Paris

Has this list satisfied your search for Airbnbs with Eiffel Tower views? We're sure it has. Next up, why not continue browsing the full remarkable collection of Airbnb alternatives in Paris. Our home critics personally vet every award winning home on our site – checking everything from WiFi speed to water pressure - to ensure that you're always getting those high standards you deserve.

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