Our Homes With a Claim to Fame

Recognise these? Take a look at our homes that have hit the big time.

Every one of our homes has its own story. Some are converted spaces, others have renowned landmarks as neighbours. A few, like these, have even made it to stardom. Take a look at our most talked-about homes – you might even recognise a few of them...

The Glamper, Los AngelesIf it’s not famous for being one of our most searched-for homes, then it’s famous for being the setting of Jungle’s (aptly named) House in LA music video. We couldn't think of a more fitting space.

The A-Lister, Los AngelesThe A-Lister was formerly home to a, yes, you guessed it, A-Lister. Now, although their name remains a secret, we can reveal a few other details about this home. It’s been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and it was used to shoot ‘The West Wing’. In one scene, CJ, played by Allison Janney, fell into the pool – doesn’t sound too bad to us. 

Anna Scott, LondonNotting Hill is your favourite rom-com, you say? Well, a stay in this home actually grants access to the garden featured in the film. Get ready to live your very own Anna Scott moment. 

Beauty and the Beach, Los AngelesFans of Big Little Lies will recognise this as Reese Witherspoon’s home in the show. Fans of remarkable homes, meanwhile, will simply recognise it as a very remarkable home indeed. 

Rosé All Day, Los AngelesDesigned by LA architect, Zoltan Pali, this home was the setting of The Weeknd’s music video, ’Starboy’. If it’s cool enough for a critically acclaimed R&B singer, it’s probably cool enough for us.

Earl of Fitzroy, LondonThis Grade-I listed Georgian townhouse on Fitzroy Square has some rather regal links. It featured in 'The Crown' as the home of Group Captain Peter Morgan. (The man whose romance with Princess Margaret caused great controversy, for anyone who didn’t watch the show.)

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