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Homes with Celebrity Connections That You Can Actually Stay In

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High Desert Mirage, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, California, USA

We’re famous, baby. That’s what we’d say if we were speaking to the protagonists from either Dirty Dancing or Baby Driver. Are there any other films with characters called Baby? Perhaps. But now you can stay in one of our Plum Guide homes in which neither of those babies – nor the famous faces who play them – would look out of place. Celebs from Kourtney Kardashian to Charlie Chaplin have links to some of our best homes, and if the walls had ears, they'd be telling all. So, if you want to stay in the home that dressed up as Sandringham Palace for The Crown or to relax in the garden from Notting Hill, reserve your stay in one of these homes with celebrity connections. Here at Plum Guide we are all about star quality, so these homes really are fitting for you, our loyal customers.

Feel like a star in Rosé All Day

Rosé All Day, Plum Guide home in Los Angeles, USA

A modern masterpiece with a grand piano and floor to ceiling windows all around, it looks like the building from the movie Parasite. But, it’s actually the home featured in The Weeknd’s official video for his hit Starboy. Hang out by the fireplace and look out to the mountains on the horizon, before relaxing in the jet-stream pool outside.

Enjoy the luxury of The Mirrored House

The Mirrored House, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

As one of our top award-winning homes, it’s no surprise that Kourtney Kardashian and Demi Lovato are among the celebrities that have resided in this property, which comprises a huge mirror in the desert. One of the most original designs you’re ever likely to come across, it’s perfect for a couple looking for luxury. The pool within offers views of the trails you’ll be taking through the arid plains.

Book your stay in The Glamper

The Glamper, Plum Guide home in California, USA

Secluded in the hills outside the city, The Glamper makes you feel at one with nature while also living in total luxury. Step outside to the terrace for views of the stars at night and the coastline in the day. Enjoy the pool and check out the canyon from the terrace. It featured in the video for the song House in LA by Jungle. Find it on YouTube – it’s pretty much a high-class advert for the home.

Reside in The Old Life-Saving Station

The Old Life-Saving Station, Plum Guide home in New York, USA

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman hung out (and did some acting) for The Undoing in this house, which has also been a set for the HBO series Girls, with Lena Dunham. And now, it’s the holiday home for you and your family. The house is moving up in the world. It dates back to the 19th century, when it was constructed as a coastguard station for Long Island Sound. Enjoy the farmhouse design and private beach.

Enjoy a stylish stay at Lords & Ladies

Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Next on our list of homes with celebrity connections, we have Lords & Ladies. This home dresses itself up and puts on a performance for The Crown, where it plays Sandringham Palace. As such, it feels like royalty, and you’ll find all sorts of beautiful antiques, from a Steinway piano to a range of stuffed animal displays. Embark on a stroll through the beautiful countryside and have a chat with the Exmoor ponies, cattle and black pigs.

Live like the celebs at High Desert Mirage

High Desert Mirage, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree, USA

It plays itself in Palm Springs the movie. So, make sure to watch that to get a glimpse of the home’s acting chops before deciding on whether you want to stay here. It’s also been in several fashion shoots and music videos. What might help you decide is the modern design, huge private garden and views of the desert beyond. Sit by the fireplace and gaze up at the Milky Way come evening.

Live inside a movie at Anna Scott

Anna Scott, Plum Guide home in London, UK

She may be the face I can't forget. Especially, given it has the very garden that was used in the film Notting Hill. Its name refers to Julia Roberts’ iconic character, a superstar who fell for a lowly bookseller (who happened to be played by Hugh Grant). That could be you…if you fall in love with this famous home.

Take the family to Cinder Rose

Cinder Rose, Plum Guide home in California, USA

The Spanish revival home once owned by Charlie Chaplin is as silent as his films, and as impressive as the actor’s legacy. Admire the wooden ceilings, and relax by the pool, imagining Chaplin performing all sorts of hijinks in the water. Relax by the garden fountain and look out to the mountains.

Discover the magic of Art Deco Delight

Art Deco Delight, Plum Guide home in Brighton, UK

Rounding off our list of homes with celebrity connections, we have Art Deco Delight. As its name suggests, this home has a wonderful art deco design. But what you may not have known is that it was once home to impressionist Cecil d’Oyly John and playwright Sir Terence Rattigan. Enjoy the theatrical interior, with rooms that could be straight out of The Shining.

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