Get to Know the Hosts Behind 'Sense & Sensibility'

Tommaso and Italo, two brothers and Plum Guide hosts introduce us to their spectacular home in Suffolk


Hosts Tommaso and Italo in their Plum Guide home, 'Sense & Sensibility'

We chat to the hosts of our stately Suffolk home 'Sense & Sensibility' to find out more about the home's history, interior design style and much more.

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So let's start by telling us a bit about yourselves and your home 'Sense & Sensibility'

We are Tommaso and Italo Marzotto, two Italian brothers, based in London. We work in the film and entertainment industry, bringing to life meaningful stories. We were born near Venice, in Italy and grew up with a tradition of welcoming and hosting friends from around the world. Plum Guide's home 'Sense & Sensibility' (also known as Worlingham Hall) is widely considered among the most beautiful properties in Suffolk. It’s a Grade I listed Georgian country house dating all the way back to the 18th century.

Tommaso and Italo, hosts of Plum Guide home Sense & Sensibility

Tommaso and Italo, hosts of Plum Guide home Sense & Sensibility

What would you say is your home's superpower, or greatest stand-out feature?

Besides the elegant and curated interiors and the Narnia-like enchanted gardens, the superpower of Worlingham Hall is its energy and atmosphere. Its vibrant and exciting energy really brings the home to life, welcoming every guest with warmth and love.

Staircase and entrance in Sense & Sensibility

Staircase and entrance in Sense & Sensibility

How would you describe your interior style?

The furniture is a mix of English and Italian 16th to 18th century pieces which marry with the general, traditional countryside interiors and spice is added thanks to the ancient Chinese and Tibetan furnitures. Overall, the interior style is elegant, rich and a bit extravagant.

What was your biggest inspiration behind designing the home?

Simona Fede, our mother, was the artist behind the resining of the home. Her biggest inspirations were the Neapolitan villas of the 16th century, the Georgian estates and the ancient Asian homes.

Interior details in Sense & Sensibility

Interior details in Sense & Sensibility

What do you think makes a house a home?

Home is where you feel good. We believe a home is a place where everybody feels welcome and looked after.

What would you say is you favourite room, and why?

My favourite room is the library. It is a beautiful, inclusive space, where one can receive and socialise but also find your peace and quiet if one wants to rest.

The library in Sense & Sensibility

The library in Sense & Sensibility

And what about your favourite piece of furniture?

My favourite piece of furniture is the Phoenix bed because of its incredible style, comfort and magic. Sleeping in the Phoenix bed is per se an experience!

What time of day is best to enjoy the home?

Every time of day is the best time to enjoy the house. Each room is to be enjoyed at different times of the day: the breakfast room and library are bathed in the morning light, the dining room and cinema living room in the evening light.

One of the dining rooms in Sense & Sensibility

One of the dining rooms in Sense & Sensibility

Where is the best place to relax in the home?

The cinema room is the best place to relax. By watching a beautiful film or having afternoon tea. Walking in the enchanted forest is a great alternative!

Tell us about the best thing you can walk to from your home...

The lake. Only 5 minutes walk from the house!

Do you have a favourite local produce store or independent shop in the neighbourhood?

'Upstairs at Baileys'

2020 was the year of the staycation: did you do any? Where?

During the first lockdown, our family gathered in Worlingham Hall where we spent three months. It was not only the best staycation but we also used that time to improve the home thinking of all the guests we wanted to welcome as soon as people had the chance to travel. Needless to say that the result was great and the guests were very happy!

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