A Home of the Week with a Story to Tell

From ironmonger's workshop to design-infused delight


If you were to tell our Home Critics that they’d be nominating, let alone choosing, a former ironmonger’s workshop in Hackney as their Home of the Week, they’d probably choke on their peppermint tea. But life is full of surprises and, in instances like this, we’re so very glad.

A collage of the interiors at Copper Cabana, Plum Guide home in London

A collage of the interiors at Copper Cabana, Plum Guide home in London

Take a look at the tools Copper Cabana used to win our Home Critics over.

The (incredibly-well-kitted-out) Kitchen

If you’re one to cook up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll be in your element here. There’s an indoor grill, plenty of island space, as well as professional pots, pans and knives aplenty. If you’re not such a culinary hotshot, however, we’re very sorry to hear that and would suggest that you bring somebody a little more adept along with you.

The Study Area

Whether you’re looking for a space to study, a quiet reading spot or the prime location to admire the open kitchen beneath, the green chair is there to serve all. And, while we’re on the topic of the green chair – isn’t it just divine?

The Endless Sense of Space

The home stretches across a private courtyard and owing to its glass structure, the space of the home seems to go on and on… and on. Of course, it does reach an end point, but for a minute there, you’ll think you’re occupying the whole of Hackney.

The Chairs… (all of them)

Where do we start? There’s the aforementioned green delight in the study. In the hallway you’ll find vintage theatre chairs (quite fitting for a home that puts on such a stellar show). Then, we get to the solitary outdoor chair. In all honesty, we’re not sure whether it’s a chair or a sculpture that happens to look like one – but either way, it’s a yes from us.

So, Copper Cabana comes through as our initially unexpected but unrivalled Home of the Week. Take a look at some more of our previous winners here: The Debut & Sunset Boulevard.

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