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Fashionable Homes for Fashion Week

Unwind in style in our most à la mode abodes


This year’s annual global Fashion Weeks are well underway, having kickstarted in New York. A number of cities across the world now celebrate this stylish occasion, but those heralded as the big four are Paris, Milan, London and New York. Here, we’re taking a closer look at these cities and their individual styles, as well as some of our most stylish homes within them.


Simply put, in Paris, clothes tend to be black and incredibly well-tailored. The only pop of colour should come from a lady’s shade of lipstick or the silk handkerchief tucked into a gentleman’s dinner jacket. Homes need to be equally fabulous, and would you look what we have here…


Now, Milan is recognised as the Fashion Capital of the World so that sets a precedent. It also happens to be Italy’s beating heart of finance, meaning this is the place to put on your sharpest wares and get ready for some serious business. (Oh, and when we say ‘business’, we actually mean shopping.) Here are some of our most stylish homes in the city.


London is the city that can’t decide on its style (and why should it have to?). One day it’s punk-rock punchy, the next it’s switched to kitsch. You name the style, it's safe to say London will welcome it with open arms, as proven by this selection of our London homes.

New York

As a general style rule in the city that never sleeps, it’s recommended to a) leave the house at 8am dressed with the expectation of socialising at a swanky Chelsea bar by 8pm and b) dressing to impress at all times. (Absolutely no pressure though.) Here are some of the trendiest homes to unwind in, if you find the time…

If these homes have inspired your next shopping spree, why not take a look to our guides to the best shopping in Paris, Milan and New York too?

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