Ranked 15-1: Our Critic’s Pick of Rome’s Best Homes

In the Home Critic we Trust.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of beautiful homes in Plum Guide’s collection? So many envy-inducing homes, so little time. We thought we’d make your life a little easier by unleashing the unwavering judgment of a Rome Home Critic on the city's collection. Read on for a list of Rome’s best homes, ranked from fifteen to number one.

15. Luogo d’Olive
Small homes can compete with the heavyweights too, they just have to be impeccably designed.

14. Blue ItalianoDistinctive architecture isn’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt.

13. Pewter FlowersA whimsical home, for you true romantics out there.

12. Vintage AlbaThis eclectic mix of modern and vintage isn’t easy to get right, but Vintage Alba isn’t even breaking a sweat.

11. Thyme GardenAt Plum Guide, we don’t have time for half-hearted endeavours. This home goes all in, and that’s why it works.   

10. Mirror SkyJust the right amount of derelict, with a splash of comfort thrown in for good measure – this is industrial design without compromise.

9. Sistina CharmDesigned by the owner and filled with locally crafted furniture, Sistina Charm had to make it on the list. 

8. TriumphA little bit of opulence never hurt anyone. 

7. Geometry in MotionGold accents, white marble floor and edgy black and white photography – Instagram would be so proud.

6. Lapis LazuliWe like our pools designed in the style of classical Roman architecture or not at all, thank you very much. 

5. Goose & GanderYou wouldn’t want to let the kids loose with crayons around all this precious art – we’re not sure if everyone would agree that scribbled moustaches add aesthetic value.

4. The PavilionWho needs understated when you can have The Pavilion? You might need to take a map with you to explore these sprawling gardens.

3. Terrazza DorataWe’re in the top three now, and Terrazza Dorata put up a good fight. Effortlessly cool, this bohemian home was an easy choice.

2. Mossy GlenSo close to number one, this home’s show-stopping architecture and eclectic flair make its ranking well-deserved.

1. PegasusThe true champion. Pegasus makes the most of its high ceilings, natural light and stunning architecture. 

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