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The Best Places to Stay in New York For Tourists

Debating a New York City adventure? We're sharing some of our favourite neighbourhoods which, if you've got taste as refined as ours, we're sure you'll love.


New York from the Hudson River at sunset

Who hasn't dreamed of stepping foot out of an iconic yellow cab onto the streets of New York? It's timeless; a city of dreams built on books, movies, songs and even dreams themselves. So, you're heading there for the first time and looking to discover the best place to stay in New York for tourists? To help you find your feet, we here at Plum have formed this carefully curated guide for you, so that from the minute you arrive you'll feel less like a tourist (thank goodness) and more like New York is an old friend. (See, aren't we good to you?)

Uptown Manhattan

The Uptown atmosphere hasn't changed much for some time, which is why people who live there love it. With beautiful houses, museums, and galleries, it's a very refined part of the city making it an obvious choice when it comes to thinking about the best place to stay in New York for tourists.

Washington Heights

This is where you'll find an array of gorgeous brownstones and mom-and-pop style establishments that serve the finest in traditional Latinx cuisine due to its thriving Dominican population. By day, the Heights is an urban neighbourhood perfect for discovering hidden gems but by night, it's one of the fastest-moving nightlife spots this side of the George Washington Bridge.

George Washington Bridge, New York City
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Credit: Alex Lopez

George Washington Bridge, New York City

Upper East Side

The quintessential place to be for the wealthily exuberant when deciding upon the best place to stay in New York for tourists. This is where 'artistic type' means the type to frequent the museums and galleries of Museum Mile (the Met, Guggenheim), to add pieces to their private collections. The Upper East Side is also a fantastic spot for fashionistas wanting to do some serious shopping in NYC with Barney's and flagships from cutting-edge designers like McQueen and Valentino.

Upper West Side

On the contrary to its Eastern neighbour, the Upper West Side is a cosy residential neighbourhood full of local businesses when looking for the best place to stay in New York for tourists. Bracketed by the leafy greeneries of both Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side is the Manhattan from the movies. (It's where Harry met Sally, after all.)

Midtown Manhattan

Dotted with New York City landmarks, high-rise apartments, and impressive sights that'll make your neck ache, Midtown is the beating heart of Manhattan.

Midtown West overlooking Central Park, New York City, Manhattan
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Credit: Julienne Schaer/NYC & Company

Midtown West overlooking Central Park, New York City

Murray Hill

The streets of Murray Hill are lined with pre-war brownstone townhomes and Beaux-Arts mansions.


Chelsea was once home to some of the world's greatest artists (Joplin, Dylan, Ginsburg, Thomas...) who found themselves in residence at the Chelsea Hotel.

Meatpacking District

Named because it used to be where the city's slaughterhouses were based (how imaginatvive...), it is now the hub for luxury New York shopping experiences and trendy hotels.

Meatpacking District, New York City, Manhattan

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Credit: Tagger Yancey IV/NYC & Company

Meatpacking District, New York City

Downtown Manhattan

Home to the Villages (Greenwich, East, and West), Downtown Manhattan's tree-lined streets keep the energy of the Beat poets alive. With its layered and interesting history, and arts and culture, Downtown is the original artistic place du jour.

East Village

The birthplace of New York punk rock and the Beats, the East Village has changed a lot over the last few decades. Much less grungy than the earlier days, there's still a bohemian flare to the place, but you'll also find great cocktail bars and pop up restaurants.


SoHo, once home to pretty much every famous New York artist you can name, is now one of the city's prime shopping districts.


TriBeCa - the Triangle Below Canal - is celebrity residence central. What used to be industrial warehouses are now designer condos, and the area also plays host to the annual TriBeCa Film Festival. On the bottom tip of Manhattan, Battery Park is a primarily residential neighbourhood 'green' area and popular with the Perennials who have chosen to move back to the city.


For the past decade or so, Brooklyn has become more and more fashionable, and as a result, it's led to a massive increase in house prices...and a pretty impressive collection of Plum Guide homes in the area, even if we do say so ourselves. Its streets celebrate different cultures and are brimming with art and creativity.

Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg

These three neighbourhoods all have similar hipster vibes about them - think younger denizens, plenty of coffee shops and a lot of plaid.

Park Slope

Park Slope has beautiful brownstones, bookstores, and is super close to Prospect Park. A great choice when choosing between New York neighbourhoods for the whole family.

Brooklyn Heights

This is a charming, residential area with restored row houses, panoramic views of Lower Manhattan, and a thriving live theatre scene - making it one of the best places to stay in New York for tourists looking for peace and quiet.

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