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Stately townhouses and grand apartment buildings characterise this affluent, family-friendly neighbourhood nestled between two parks (Central and Riverside). The mature, refined feel of the residential side streets balances with a buzzy bar and bistro scene along the tree-lined avenues – you’ll never be short of a brunch cafe or Jewish bakery here (and by the way, the cookies at Levain are legendary for good reason). Two of New York’s best museums border Central Park – try the American Museum of Natural History to learn about all creatures great and small, or the New-York Historical Society to swat up on battles and bloodshed in the USA’s (relatively) brief but dramatic past. And while you’re here, be sure to book tickets for a performance at the Lincoln Arts Center, New York’s premier venue for opera and ballet. One thing to know – New York is a very busy city (it’s not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing). As part of an authentic New York experience, you can expect a fair amount of noise and construction coming from the streets, whether it be roadwork, scaffolding, or honking yellow taxis.