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Luxury Apartments in Paris You'll Love

Looking to stay somewhere special during your trip to Paris? Take a look at this guide to our favourite luxury homes in the city.


Plum Guide home in Paris

We all know that finding somewhere to stay in a city that's as bustling as Paris can be stressful. When you're on holiday, all you want to do is turn up, drop your bags (in a remarkable Plum Guide home) and get down to the business of having fun. Don't worry. We hear you, and we've got your back. Here's our guide to luxury apartments in Paris to fall in love with. Our home critics have professionally vetted each and every award-winning home on our site – testing everything from interior design to practical details like water pressure – to make sure our listings contain only the top 3% of holiday rental homes…because you deserve the best.

The Hip Hideaway: A Secret Garden

A Secret Garden, Plum Guide home in Paris

Expect the unexpected with A Secret Garden. Tucked away in the Latin Quarter, you get the best of both worlds. Outside, there’s a lively neighbourhood brimming with an abundance of things to do. You’ll never get bored with all the cafes, bistros, bars, and nightclubs. Then, once inside your home, you’ll be transported back in time. Full of character and antiques, the interior design is reminiscent of homes in the French countryside. All of the bedrooms have large windows, allowing a perfect amount of natural light in. Unlike many vacation rentals in Paris, the view outside faces greenery which will transport you away from all the hustle and bustle of an urban city. But the best part of the home? It’s wonderful garden and glass conservatory out back. Paradise in the middle of Paris.

A Modern Home For Two: The New Age

The New Age, Plum Guide home in Paris

Whether you’re with a friend or on a romantic getaway, The New Age is the perfect Plum home. Set in one of the most romantic neighbourhoods in Paris between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, you're surrounded by a vast multitude of charming, old-world culture, while living in a chic and contemporary apartment. Besides admiring the colorful interior, when inside you can cook in the full kitchen, unwind on the couch with one of the many DVD or book options, take a hot bath, or even sit outside on the balcony overlooking the area.

The Perfect Family Home: Check Mate

Check Mate, Plum Guide home in Paris

Travelling with a big family isn’t always easy, but staying in Check Mate is sure to make it all the more bearable. Enjoy the benefits of staying in Paris’ (if not the world’s) most famous street, the Champs-Élysées. From luxury shopping to more recognisable stores, you’ll find everything you need…and plenty more. Speaking of everything you need, Check Mate is perfectly equipped for the whole family. There’s plenty of space so that everyone can spread out without ever stepping on each other’s toes. You’ll have a living room with a large flat-screen television and game consoles to keep the children occupied and a great kitchen and dining room set up so that you can enjoy a meal together as if you were at home.

An Artsy Fit: Serena

Serena, Plum Guide home in Paris

Coated in cool silver and blue tones, satisfy your desire for aesthetics in our home, Serena. The balconies boast fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower. This Plum home is a great alternative to other rental homes with views in Paris. Sunrise or sunset, dawn or dusk, you’ll be able to see the Iron Lady in all her glory. Inside, you’ll be able to relax in rooms that feel tailored to your artsy side. Light the fireplace in the living room and curl up on the long, luxurious sofa with a glass of wine for some relaxing time in. For intellectual stimulation, play a game of chess, take up the piano, or pick out a movie from the extensive film collection. 

An Open Book: Panoramica

Panoramica, Plum Guide home in Paris

Open space runs rampant in Panoramica. Although Parisian apartments have a tendency to be on the smaller side, rest assured this apartment will never make you feel like you’re confined. The living room, dining room, and kitchen all share the same open space. They have floor to ceiling windows and in combination with the sleek, white and wooden furniture, there’s a very airy and natural atmosphere. And if the beautifully designed space inside isn’t enough for you fussy things, you've got the vibrant South Pigalle area right on your doorstep to explore too. Oh, we are good to you.

Visions of Colour: Pop Art

Pop Art, Plum Guide home in Paris

Modernism comes alive at Pop Art. White walls and furniture are juxtaposed by splashes of color in every room. Blue archways separate one side of the apartment from the other. The living room is tied together by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe screen prints, pink and blue sofas, and an abstract art rug. The kitchen and bathrooms follow the same pattern, with the sole sources of colour being the likes of colorful plates, a red toaster, and a red towel rack. And in the bedrooms, the eye will immediately be drawn to the art of Jasper Johns and Jean-Michel Basquiat. A delight for all lovers of modern art, and all lovers of luxury apartments in Paris.

Heart of the Cité: Notre Dame's Neighbour

Notre Dame's Neighbour, Plum Guide home in Paris

Old and new come together at Notre Dame’s Neighbour. Located on Ile de la Cité, Paris’ medieval history is just waiting to be explored. Exposed wooden beams, black and white floor tiles, and steel appliances provide a balance between modernity and vintage. The Notre Dame is the backdrop as you get ready for the day or settle back in. Open the balcony in the living room and move the set of rustic chairs and table outside for some fresh air. To have time to yourself, head into one of the bedrooms where you can close the curtains with no fuss.

And there we have it – our list of some of our favourite luxury apartments in Paris. Want to keep reading? Take a look at our guide to where to stay in Paris with children next.

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