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Apartments in Carrobbio, Milan

Stay in Carrobbio, Milan’s best luxury homes, short term accommodation and apartment hotels

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Top 20 Carrobbio, Milan vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

An neighbourhood with as rich a history as any, yet often overlooked in favour of more fashionable areas, Carrobbio combines the feeling of day-to-day Milanese life with a sense of past glories. It is tucked away in the south-west of the historic centre, between the Basilica di San Lorenzo and the ruins of the Roman Circus, which is fitting given its importance as one of the original districts of the city in antiquity. While it hasn’t yet undergone the gentrification that places like Navigli have seen in the past few years, it definitely shouldn’t be dismissed as a place to stay - crowds are much smaller than around the Duomo but the cathedral is still only ten minutes away on foot, and there are things to keep you busy in the immediate vicinity. Once you’ve seen the Basilica and the ruins, get a bite to eat at Pasta d’Autore, where everything is made in-house.