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One of the most important business districts in Milan, Centro Direzionale is a commercial hub where deals spill out onto the street. Towers already pierce the sky (including the famous Pirellone), and yet more are being built - there is currently a process of urban regeneration aimed at diversifying the area, including the construction of parks and a shopping centre dedicated to high-end fashion. It must be said that Centro Direzionale isn’t as soulful as more famous neighbourhoods, such as Brera or Quadrilatero della Moda, but it is positioned between the Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi, two of the biggest rail hubs in the city, so getting around is incredibly convenient. One thing to know – this area’s quite central, and given Milan’s a busy city, this means that there’s always a fair amount of noise coming from the street, whether it be passing trams, roadworks, or something else. And as the city expands, there are going to be more and more infrastructure projects further out from the centre.