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The proximity of Porta Venezia and the financial district makes for an interesting mix of people. Yuppies are next door to traditional Milanese families. It’s a dynamic, creative combination. Here, you can find everything you might need – high-street fashion chains, trendy boutiques, art galleries, restaurants. To relax, you’ve got Indro Montarelli public gardens, while if you’re after a livelier vibe, the LGBT scene is centred in the district. Whatever you budget, or your idea of a good time, there’s a part of Porta Venezia that fits. One thing to know – this area’s quite central, and given Milan’s a busy city, this means that there’s always a fair amount of noise coming from the street, whether it be passing trams, roadworks, or something else. And as the city expands, there are going to be more and more infrastructure projects further out from the centre.