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Come to Astoria, in the northern part of Queens, to taste some delicious Greek food, see great art, and enjoy the lovely waterfront with its stunning views across to Manhattan's skyline. It's a pretty large neighbourhood so it varies a fair amount depending on where exactly you end up - it might not be the most glamorous or fancy part of the city, but it's got a loveable, laid-back charm, and is home to a friendly and varied local community. It has changed a lot in the past five or so years - it is now something of an overflow area for all the young creative types who have found themselves priced out of Brooklyn. Architecturally, it's a real mix, with new luxury condos overlooking pre-war buildings and single-family brick homes. It's got lots going on here in its own right without having to cross the river - buzzing nightlife and some fab art museums - but if you do feel the Manhattan magnet exerting its draw, then it's an easy journey across (about a 30 minute train to most parts).