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Take a stroll around Greenwich Village and you might – just for a minute – forget you’re in the heart of a pulsating metropolis. In the 1960s, it was heaving with artists and the epicentre of counterculture, but these days the storied studios and elegant townhouses are among the most desirable in the city, so you’re more likely to bump into an A-lister than a have-a-go hippie. Greenwich Village may not be as bohemian as it was in its beatnik heyday, but it's still home to some of the city's best jazz clubs, bars, restaurants and delis. “The Village”, as it is fondly dubbed, has a wonderfully laid-back feel as well as being one of the most photogenic parts of the city. It is worth noting, however, that New York is a very busy city (it’s not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing). As part of an authentic New York experience, you can expect a fair amount of noise and construction coming from the streets, whether it be a passing delivery truck, honking yellow taxis, or roadwork. Remember that those impressive skyscrapers do come at a cost – scaffolding can be part of the architectural landscape.