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Harlem has long been synonymous with black culture. In the early 20th century the neighbourhood was the setting for African-American-led movements in music, literature, dance and art - collectively known as the Harlem Renaissance - that featured innovators like Bessie Smith, Langston Hughes and Josephine Baker. That legacy is still evident today, especially along the area’s main thoroughfare, 125th Street, which is anchored by the Apollo Theater. Other highlights include the Studio Museum, and stalwart restaurants like Sylvia’s and Amy Ruth’s (which serve soul food par excellence), as well as newer entries like Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster. Oh and we mustn't forget to mention Harlem's many majestic rows of beautiful brownstones! It's an wonderfully soulful neighbourhood which - though it's perfectly safe - does still retain a slightly gritty feel in certain parts (which is part of its charm). If you want pristine streets, then might we suggest you stick to the Upper East Side?