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This once down-trodden corner of Manhattan is now vibrant and stuffed with super-hip bars, vintage shops and bustling, inventive restaurants. Architecturally it's a real mix and can feel radically different from one block to the next - trendy glass buildings are flanked by pre-war tenements, a contrast that only adds to the area’s unique identity. The Tenement Museum on Orchard Street is well worth checking out and gives a fascinating insight into the 19th-century immigrant experience. For a completely different kind of museum, pay a visit to the world-class New Museum, which showcases cutting-edge, contemporary art. Even though it's changed a great deal, it is still one of the last truly authentic, old Manhattan neighbourhoods - you still see residents and shop owners sitting in chairs on the sidewalks. One thing to know – New York is a very busy city (it’s not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing). As part of an authentic New York experience, you can expect a fair amount of noise and construction coming from the streets, whether it be roadwork, scaffolding, or honking yellow taxis.