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Apartments in Aventino, Rome

Stay in Aventino, Rome’s best luxury homes, short term accommodation and apartment hotels

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Top 20 Aventino, Rome vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

As one of the city's legendary seven hills, the Aventine plays a central role in the founding mythology of Rome. In ancient times it was a hive of activity, the home of foreign religious cults and dens of iniquity that caused consternation among the powers that be; today it is a quiet residential neighbourhood full of sprawling mansions, historic churches and lovely gardens. There are no restaurants up here, so most of your neighbours will be retiring Romans making it a retreat from the frenzy below. Distract yourself from a quest for food with the Basilica of Santa Sabina, a magical 5th century exercise in effortless architecture, and its adjacent orange gardens - full of kissing couples and winsome musicians. Further south brings you to the home of the Knights of Malta, with the famous keyhole that offers a hedgebound view of St Peter's. Head down the hill to find a cluster of ancient treasures - the remains of the Circus Maximus, the Mouth of Truth, the four-sided arch of Janus, Isola Tiburina, the teardrop shaped island in the centre of the Tiber, and a well deserved panino.