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The pleasures to be found in the Campo de' Fiori - the name translates as Field of Flowers - are multiple in their simplicity. The square is watched over by the brooding figure of Giordano Bruno, who was executed for heresy on this spot in 1600. Today he oversees a bustling market selling fruit, vegetables, cheese, Puglian pottery, pasta of varying quality and, of course, flowers, mostly to tourists, although the locals can be spotted in the queue at their beloved Campo de' Fiori bakery. With its tightly woven tangle of cobbled streets and caramel-coloured palazzos, the area is the picture-perfect Rome, albeit with more selfie sticks. You'll find the odd princess and ancient artist still in residence, but most of your neighbours in the high-ceilinged apartments will be fellow tourists, as Roman landlords make the most of the international quest for La Dolce Vita and Eat, Pray, Love-validated pasta fever. Every narrow street leads to another beautiful vista, and it's advisable to stay on your feet – partly for the views, partly because public transport hasn't really made it as far as the city centre.