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As home to the most famous landmark in Rome, today Celio is better known as Colosseum. It's not surprising – the amphitheatre casts a wide shadow across almost all of the district, not least for the heaving masses of tourists that collect at its heels all year round. Take a few steps east of the Colosseum itself, and you enter a laid-back, unpretentious area of Rome, home to the city's vibrant gay scene and not much else. Head west, and you reach the Roman Forums, a full immersion into more than two thousand years of history. Its appeal to everyone from across the world means that you’re unlikely to see a local, but it's also unlikely that you'll notice as you wander through the crucible of government, in the footsteps of Caesar and Augustus. Visit the Forums at night, when it's emptier and the ancient walls are lit up with a light show chronicling the area's former glory.