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Pantheon is usually thronged with architectural and religious pilgrims, all on the hunt for the church. This fascination, which comes both from sheer wonder, and also a more complex response to a temple that has been dedicated to a variety of creeds, has understandably packed the surrounding streets with sellers of tat and bad ice cream. This is one of Rome's loudest areas, with the restaurants and bars staying open late into the night, but the proximity to historic Rome is second to none. If you want to get off the immediate tourist trail, duck behind the Pantheon and visit Piazza Minerva – the Basilica of Santa Maria is one of the very few Gothic churches in the city – or try the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj for its staggering private art collection. As you head north, you reach the cafes of Sant’Eustachio, home to some of the best coffee in the city. While lacking the sheer historical prowess of the streets around the Pantheon, this part of the area has a more authentic charm.