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Just to the north-east of the tourists of Spagna, Pincio and Villa Borghese offer welcome respite from the masses. The affluent neighbourhood revolves around the enormous Borghese Gardens, with elegant landscaping influenced by the English countryside, and more and more Romans are choosing the spacious streets (with plenty of onstreet parking) over the cobbled alleys of the city centre. Whilst it may lack the concentration of ancient architecture, Pincio is still a cultural hotspot, hiding many museums within its boundaries. Beyond the famous Borghese Museum and Gallery, visitors can explore the National Gallery of Contemporary and Modern Art, as well as many smaller institutions. For the kids, there is the excitement of the zoo and the Children’s Museum, which is filled with fun (and educational) exhibits. In the summer, the Borghese Gardens host live events, and many Romans can be found enjoying the music, theatre, cinema, and sunshine, making it the perfect place for an impromptu aperitivo.