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The Ghetto of Rome was witness to some of the worst excesses of anti-semitism of the last 500 years. It was established by Papal decree in 1555, when all Roman Jews were consigned to a three hectare patch of the city, best known for its propensity to flood, and limited to jobs as fishmongers, ragmen and pawnbrokers. More than 300 years of segregation were only ended in 1870, when many of the overcrowded, disease ridden buildings were demolished. What remains is a tightly knit community who live in charming, vine-covered pedestrian piazzas, and a wealth of high end restaurants serving classics such as carciofi alla giudia - deep fried artichokes - and a lot of offal. The residents are mostly older, and often aristocratic, the descendants of ancient families who owned palaces in the area. Don't miss Piazza Mattei, home to the famous Turtle Fountain, or the four cheese gnocchi at Piperno.