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Where to start with this Home of the Week? Well, probably by saying that our Home Critics reached a unanimous decision when it came to voting for it… for the first time ever. The Paramount might only be a short drive away from the vibrant buzz of Tel Aviv city, but you feel like you’ve got the world to yourself within its open, opulent vicinity. See more of why this is our new Home of the Week…

(So much) Room for Relaxation , but there's so much more to discuss…

The Carefully Curated Interior Design An interior designer by profession, the host of this home has arranged everything in it with her expert eye. What’s more, she also paints in her spare time so guests can find many of her works dotted around. No wonder there are so many creative juices flowing in a setting like this.

The Master Bedroom, could someone re-centre that lampshade? Thanks…

The Pool Area

And last but certainly not least is the pool area, which lies as proud as a peacock (and rightly so) in front of the home. Against a backdrop of The Paramount's façade, as well as the expansive grounds surrounding it, nothing says ‘inviting retreat’ more. If only there were a pool butler service to bring the hourly margaritas, then it might be perfect.

If The Paramount hasn’t sparked a sense of wanderlust by itself, take a look at a few of our past winners too: Sunset Boulevard, The Guardian Lions or Copper Cabana.

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