Where to stay in Paris near the Bataclan

Whether you're looking to stay in the République-Oberkamp to be near the Bataclan, or just to experience the joys of the 11th, we've got your essential guide


These trendy streets of Paris near the Bataclan are made up of hip cafés, sultry bars, iconic music venues, and nightclubs that stay open far beyond midnight. These are the streets that Parisians retire to at the end of a busy work week; these cafés are where they meet friends, and where shabby-chic is just plain chic.

For a good concert or an all-nighter, it's these few streets where you'll find your tribe. But for a calmer stay in the Oberkampf area, head south to the border of the 3rd arrondissement, where boulevards are jam-packed with designer boutiques and family-friendly art galleries.

Whether you're up for a night out with champagne and cocktails or an early one in a quiet street, there's somewhere special for your Paris stay.


There are five Métro stations in close proximity to the Bataclan Concert Hall, providing links to the rest of the city with four different lines.

  • Oberkampf - ❺, ❾
  • St Ambroise - ❾
  • Parmentier - ❸
  • Richard Lenoir - ❺
  • Filles du Calvaire - ❽

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There's plenty to do around République-Oberkampf. Some might say too much, but we reckon they just did the rounds at Père-Lachaise and just need a breather.

Since it's down to us now, here are some our Oberkampf highlights.

  • The live music scene is massive around the 11th arrondissement. Music fans venture from far and wide to see their favourite artists play venues like the Bataclan and L'Alhambra.
  • Built under the reign of Napoleon, Le Carreau du Temple is a former indoor clothes market that's now the cultural centre of the Upper Marais. As a venue, it hosts concerts, sports events, fashion shows, and artistic exhibitions.
  • The Opéra Bastille is the National Opera of Paris and has a packed-out programme of the best in contemporary opera and theatre.
  • Independent bookshop Ofr. has held book signings, concerts, and the greatest selection of books you can imagine since 1996. Its best asset is, inarguably, its customers and the community they create. Vive la Ofr.
  • Two incredible fresh food markets are within walking distance of the area. Marché des Enfants Rouges and Marché Richard Lenoir offer an exciting array of produce to take home. Carry fresh baguettes while chowing down on a freshly-made croissant.
  • Located in the nearby Marais, Musée Picasso is, well, kind of what it says on the… cubic tin.


Where do we begin when it comes to the best bars in a quarter that's known for them? Well, to be honest, it usually starts with a café noir (espresso) in the morning before moving to wine aprés midi.

While it's impossible for us to cover all the great bars in the area, we've narrowed down a few choice ones.

Santé! (Or should we say drunké?)

  • Art et Thé presents itself as a low-key and good value brunch spot that serves some of the best couscous in Paris. Don't believe us? Try it yourself. (@ 168 RUE DE LA ROQUETTE, 75011)
  • Aux Deux Amis isn't an establishment for a first date, it's a stupendous dive bar for loud music, new friends, and the last drinks of the evening. (@ 45 RUE OBERKAMPF, 75011)
  • Au Chat Noir hosts spoken word nights that open the basement up to us beatniks. (A box of beatnik allsorts if you will.) Here you'll find great camaraderie and a welcome of night-long friends. Maybe even share a few words of your own. (@ 76 RUE JEAN-PIERRE TIMBAUD, 75011)
  • Le Café Charbon is one of Oberkampf's staples and quite easy to spot as it's just around the corner from a rotating street art installation known as Le MUR. During happy hour, beer is €4-6. I'm just saying…  (@ 109 RUE OBERKAMPF, 75011)
  • Chambelland ought to be made your breakfast go-to, with gluten-free treats and fab coffee, this little bakery is an iced gem! (@ 14 RUE TERNAUX, 75011)
  • Pas De Loup is one of the chicest and least pretentious cocktail bars in the greater entire-universe-area. Pas De Loup lives to give a new kick to original recipes. (@ 108 RUE AMELOT, 75011)
  • Le Perchoir is gaining in popularity as the years go by due to its rooftop that lends patrons a panoramic view of Paris. Book early. (@ 14 RUE CRESPIN DU GAST, 75011)
  • Zéro Zéro is a hidden bar full of music fans, brilliant tunes, vinyl, and uniqueness. The drinks are also cheap as chips. Before chips were expensive, I mean. (@ 89 RUE AMELOT, 75011)


Tell me a Story: Wake up when you feel like it ('tis the Parisian way), fling open the windows of your new abode and take a deep breath in. You're in Paris and so close to Bohemia it'll overtake all of your senses. This one bedroom apartment is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway and a mere street from Rue Oberkampf.

Librairie Caffarelli: Books are everywhere in this luxurious apartment that was once a library. It would be almost offensive if there were none. This is a ground floor apartment on a bustling-yet-somehow-quiet street with cashmere blankets and a library of books at your disposal. The only question is: which book will you read first?

Rue de Filles du Calvaire: If you're the type that's always dreamed of living in a converted warehouse with fellow artistes, then this space is right here to fulfill it. This spacious, one-bedroom apartment sleeps four (there's a sofa bed by the TV for other guests) and is yards away from the buzzing Oberkampf nightlife.

Rue de Thorigny Loft: Carefully curated artwork is present on nearly every wall in this delectable, naturally-lit bachelor/ette pad a stone's throw from Musée Picasso. It's sometimes hard to find a guest bedroom that rivals the main, but no guest can lose in such a gorgeous apartment in such close proximity to Café Breizh. (The best creperie around.)

Victorian Véranda: Get in touch with the belle époque in this colourful family home with a difference. Its difference is in the uniquely stunning stained glass reading area we can only imagine looks even more beautiful in the rain. This is one part of the area that you can bring your kids, far from the mad crowds to the west and a hair's breadth from the Place du Temple.

Rue Charlot III: Be it for your real family or your chosen, this characteristic four-bedroom apartment in the upper Marais has great connections. Close to the Oberkampf area and just across the road from the Marché des Enfants Rouges where you can pick up deliciously fresh produce six-days-a-week.

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