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Chinatown is a carnival of colours and a cacophony of urban life. The rough-and-ready restaurants whip up peerless plates of noodles and dumplings, while street market hawkers noisily tout dried fish and exotic herbs to passersby. Relaxing, it is not; but New York’s Chinatown is by far the city’s most authentic and arresting cultural enclave. This might be America, but, in this pocket of Manhattan, English is very much a second language. Still, even if the locals can’t provide you with directions, they’ll give you a beaming smile – in fact, you’re very welcome to join them for tai chi in Columbus Park, or a game of chess or mahjong if you think you’re up to the task. One thing to know – New York is a very busy city (it’s not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing). As part of an authentic New York experience, you can expect a fair amount of noise and construction coming from the streets, whether it be a passing delivery truck, honking yellow taxis, or roadwork. Remember that those impressive skyscrapers do come at a cost – scaffolding can be part of the architectural landscape.