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Prati sits cheek by jowl with Vatican City - not that you would necessarily know from within. The newest of Rome's districts, built between 1873-1921, its road plan was designed so that none of the streets would have St. Peter’s Dome in the background, a reflection of the tension between the new Italian state and the Vatican during its construction. Once a verdant area of meadows, vegetable gardens and vineyards, today Prati is the closest Rome has to a business district. Elegant office buildings disport themselves around the manicured, palm-tree grandeur of Piazza Cavour, and the streets are full of workers taking fag breaks in the sun. But it's not just workers that dominate - prized for its wide avenues and spacious apartments, Prati has become a residential hub for entrepreneurial Italians, who love the scale of the apartments and that the area is still relatively tourist-free. Fashion fans love it here, as some of the city's best streetwear shops proliferate down Via Cola di Rienzo. If you're there on a Thursday, head at once to L'Arcangelo for Rome's finest gnocchi.