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Perfect Places to Stay Near Wimbledon

Looking for places to stay in and around Wimbledon? Whether you're here for the tennis or not, there's plenty of thing to see and do. Here's our guide to the best of them.


Tennis match at Wimbledon, London, UK

We’re going to attempt to write an entire guide on places to stay near Wimbledon without mentioning racquet sports or strawberries and cream. (Let's see how long that lasts…) In Wimbledon, you’ll find a village vibe in the midst of the big, bustling city. What could be better? Areas filled with tiny cobbled lanes, wide-open green spaces and an incredible roster of museums and galleries. And the best part is that you'll find plenty of Plum Guide-approved homes to stay in. Whether you’re wanting to visit the area because you love watching people dressed in white hit things or to eat overpriced bowls of fruit (goddammit, we failed) our experts know all the best places to stay near Wimbledon, and here we're sharing them with you.


If Chelsea makes your cringe, Battersea brings tears to your eyes and the Soho hipsters are frankly too much, head to Earlsfield. It’s laidback, proper London and just the right side of authentic i.e. you can still get an oat flat white in a beautifully decked out cafe but there isn’t a queue outside of the cereal cafe. In fact, there isn’t a cereal cafe at all. Wandsworth Common is huge, Garratt Lane is filled with bars and restaurants and the transport links to the rest of London are spot on.


Eclectic, vibrant and so friendly the residents of Clapham wave at you and say ‘good morning’. (Not really, this is London don’t forget.) People are happy though…which you would be with that many brunch spots to choose from and a foodies paradise like Venn Street Market. Head out from your lovely Plum Guide home like Fitzclapham and take a wander around the lake in Clapham Common, immerse yourself in the bustling local streets and definitely don’t wave at everyone you pass.

Fitzclapham, Plum Guide home in Clapham, London


Notable for its power station and dogs home, less noted for its role in inspiring Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and once famed for its asparagus production. Don’t you just learn something new every day? Battersea is a treasure trove and one of the great places to stay near Wimbledon. Battersea Park and the Pump House Gallery on its grounds make the perfect Saturday afternoon and London’s original car boot sale hits the spot on a Sunday. Everything is in a deliciously walkable distance. It's the perfect place for a group celebrating something special like a birthday in London.


Experience those luscious inner-city village vibes in leafy Richmond – a favourite on our list of places to stay near Wimbledon. The quaint High Street is usually packed busy with shoppers and moochers discovering the tiny cobbled lanes that branch off it. The diverse botanical gardens of the inimitable Kew is a must-visit as is the wide-open green of Richmond Park. If you’re inclined there are many spots along the Thames to hire a boat and get water-born for the day. Make sure to splash other sailors and play Euro-Pop really loudly from your portable speakers. They love that in Richmond.


Yes, Chelsea. Lovely stuff. Spend some time blue-plaque hunting, this is a great area for it and we’ll give you ten points if you find Bob Marley. Home to the Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Court Theatre you’re spoilt with cultural hotspots with their overpriced gift shops. World-class restaurants are ten-a-penny and the people watching and hideous flashy car spotting provides all the fun. Explore the independent boutiques on Kings Road till you’re just about sick of shopping and then head to Chelsea Physick Garden for a reprieve in nature. The garden has 5000 species of medicinal plants so you’re bound to feel better just walking through (that is not how it works FYI). This is definitely one of the best places to stay in London for visitors (especially those who like to shop). Our homes like Chelsea Glam will have you feeling like a local in the neighburhood in no time.

Chelsea Glam, Plum Guide home in London

South Kensington

With the Victoria and Albert and the National History Museum calling South Kensington home, you know you’re in good company. The postcode boasts Harvey Nichols and Hyde Park in walking distance so whether you’re into the finest designer wear or marvelling at all the types of dogs in the world, you’re covered. Elegant stucco terraces and beautifully maintained garden squares are dotted throughout ‘South Ken’ (call it this if you want to appear In The Know, trust us). There’s an impressive amount of mind-boggling apartments in this postcode and it's a great place to stay in London with the whole family.

Kingston Upon Thames

Uncover the secrets and history of Kingston Upon Thames, it is surprisingly actually really interesting. It was once an island surrounded by marshland. Kings were crowned here. They made loads of planes for the war here. If you don’t care for history lessons, there is still much going on here. The glorious Hampton Court Palace holds court and the walk from the centre takes you through Bushy Park with its fallow and red deer. If you’ve not got your fill of fancy big houses with big gardens, Ham House is also in the area and the perfect spot to pretend you’re an extra in Pride and Prejudice. One of the loveliest places to stay near Wimbledon.

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