The Best Pet Friendly Airbnbs in Paris

If you want to take your beloved pet on vacation with you to Paris, you're going to need a dog-friendly place to stay, and we've got some of the best for you right here


If you have a furry member of your family that you like to take on your travels, you will undoubtedly be drawn to places that are pet-friendly.


Unlike in some other countries, the French expect to be able to take their dogs with them nearly everywhere they go.

Fancy a nice meal while you're out with your pooch? No problem. Restaurants not only allow you to take your dog inside, some will even let them sit at the table.

Parquet Playground South Pigalle

In theory food shops don't allow pets inside, but this rule seems to be widely disregarded, and a dog sitting happily in the shopping trolley isn't an uncommon sight.

You can take pets on public transport too, making it easier to travel around Paris without leaving your animal at home. On the metro, trams and buses your pet must be transported inside either a carrier or a tote bag. This rule applies to all animals from small hamsters and ferrets right up to cats and dogs. If your pet is too large for you to carry around, you're best off finding another form of transport.

Eternal Tranquillity Île-de-La-Cité

The RER trains have slightly different rules and allow large dogs providing they are leashed and wearing a muzzle. This is because these trains are generally larger, with more space inside to accommodate bigger pets. However, you will need to buy a ticket for any pet that isn't being carried - at child rate of course!


At the end of the day, you'll need somewhere to rest and recuperate before setting off to explore Paris again. This means finding an Airbnb which accommodates pets. The good news is that there's plenty of pet-friendly Airbnbs in Paris. Here are our favourites.

1. A Secret Garden Latin Quarter

2. Rue Cardinet III Europe-Monceau

3. Mr Brown Le Marais

4. Flower Powers Belleville

5. The Artist's Loft Le Marais

6. Pandora's Island Auteuil

7. Rhodanthe South Pigalle

8. Hightop Europe-Monceau

9. A Feng Shui Cocoon Eiffel Tower

10. The Designer Mezzanine Canal St Martin[


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