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What to Do in Paris in March

Milder weather and quieter streets make Paris in March a fabulous option


Table and chairs outside a house in Paris in March

Heralding the arrival of the glorious season of spring, March gently coos a sweet song. Winter is almost forgotten and the promise of summer blooms like a massive bunch of peonies. The weather in Paris in March is the delightful spot between jaw-clenching cold and horrendously uncomfortably boiling hot. The perfect weather for wandering romantic Parisian streets, ticking off top tourist spots and skipping through the city like you’re in a scene from Amelie. Find secret bars in Rue de la Roquette, stay in the perfect Plum Guide home, grab a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower and find the ideal memento from that adorable vintage silversmiths. Paris, oh Paris.

Salon du Livre

‘Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you’, Carlos Ruis Zafon said this and so will you once you have visited a Parisian book fair. The Salon du Livre is as big as they get in France and sees a dusty bundle (the collective name for a group of authors) of writers and their people descend on the capital to read their tomes to a crowd of book lovers.


Venus de Milo, The Raft of the Medusa and of course, the moody magnificent Mona Lisa grace the walls of the Louvre. It is usually a nightmare slightly difficult catching a decent glimpse of the masterpieces. Paris in March has less of the maddening crowds so the queues for the Louvre are a little more manageable. It takes 100 days to see all the art in the Louvre (mindblowing) so best to go with a plan to ensure survival and actual enjoyment. If you do want to see it all, best to stay close by in this glorious Plum Guide apartment two minutes away.

Louvre Luck, Plum Guide home in Paris


‘Oh comme j'aime ces jardins, si jolis!’ Translates (we think) to ‘Oh, I love these gardens, so pretty!’ Just a little something you can use when wandering one of the delightful gardens in Paris in March. There’s plenty to choose from and the warm weather that blesses Paris in the springtime makes the experience ten times better. Head to the Jardin d’Acclimatation, Tuileries or Jardin du Luxembourg for green goodness to make everything seem better. In March you can play tennis, partake in a spot of yoga or enjoy one of the concerts at the Gardens of Luxembourg.

Go to a market

Have you even been to Paris if you haven’t bought something quirky and useless from a market? The capital is a treasure trove of flea markets, open-air fairs and vintage bazaars. We’ll say it again, Paris is quieter at this blissful time of year – though Paris in April is markedly warmer – so you won’t be rudely elbowing fellow tourists for that perfect print of a Parisian skyline. If you don’t fancy the daunting task of navigating the 3,000 traders at Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen then Les Puces de Montreuil is a little more off the beaten track.

Art Fair

Paris is brimming with artists and attracts collectors from all over the world. The incredible collection of Plum Guide-vetted luxury apartments in Paris is a testament to the city’s taste. There is always an art fair, so you’re spoilt for choice. Seek one out and select the perfect piece for the downstairs bathroom. ‘Oh, that piece? Just a little something I picked up at an art fair in Paris’. That will be you at your next dinner party when annoying Roger enquires after the beautiful painting in your downstairs loo.

Day trip to the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a delight at any time of year; France produces eight billion bottles of wine a year (we're sure you can keep up with that) and the Loire is responsible for many of them. A day trip from Paris is a must, whether you’re in Paris for a long weekend or a week. Hop on a train and you’re amongst the vineyards in just over an hour. Take a tour and drink your way around the area to see the great and good of the region.

Wander Montmarte

Ivy clad houses and winding cobbled streets, Montmartre is a delight to wander through when in Paris. The rooftop views from this romantic Plum Guide retreat is the perfect place to stay in Montmarte. The dome of the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur sits proudly at its helm, that and its rich history makes it a mecca for the tourist-in-the-know. Immerse yourself in real Paris, in March the locals are yet to get sick of tourists. Sunset sees artists take to the small square so now is the time to get that caricature portrait you’ve always wanted.

Montmartre Rooftop, Plum Guide home in Paris

Go shopping

From the big shiny brand names to the eclectic boutique - Paris is known for timeless style and beautiful, beautiful threads. You’re in Paris, buy yourself a whole new wardrobe and be the person you always knew you would be! (Maybe). Of course, tick off the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and its luxury fashion houses but remember to dig a little deeper for the independents. Plum Guide knows the best shopping experiences in Paris: we’ve got you covered for sustainable homeware, designer books and haute couture.

So that's Paris in March covered. If you're looking for guaranteed sunshine and slightly less tourists than the summer time, we recommend visiting Paris in May. Though it's the start of high season, the summer holidays have yet to kick off so at least there won't be many screaming kids running around.

Looking for somewhere to stay in Paris? Our selection of rental homes are vetted by our fastidious home critics, so whether you're after a compact studio or a large loft-style apartment, you're in for a great night's sleep in a Plum Guide home.

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