Affordable Luxury: 11 Bucket List Homes for a Modest Budget

Budgets are boring, but they shouldn't stop you from experiencing the best in life (especially when it comes to homes in our collection).

We believe that no one should have to put up with cramped kitchens, uninspiring design or dingy bathrooms, regardless of budget. Affordable can be luxurious too, and here’s the proof. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite homes that won’t leave you out-of-pocket.

House of Arches, BarcelonaOne person's boring is another person's timeless. This home has a simple elegant feel.

From £50 per night per person, sleeps 6

On the Beat, BerlinOk, so this home is definitely on the small side of things, but it sure has style. You can't really go wrong with mismatched dining chairs, an exposed concrete wall, gold utensils and a muted colour scheme, can you?

From £53 per person per night, sleeps 2

Vintage Flora, ParisMarble fireplace, herringbone flooring, high-ceilings with plaster mouldings, that's it we're swooning. This home is the perfect example of real luxury on a budget.

From £64 per person per night, sleeps 4

Double Rainbow, Tel AvivWho doesn't love floor-to-ceiling windows, especially when the view is so green? The feature wall is quite a statement, but fortune favours the bold.

From £51 per person per night, sleeps 6

The Old Fresco, LisbonThe ultimate in shabby chic. Just look at the old fresco-style wall, Azulejo tiles, high-ceilings and French shutters. Sigh!

From £42 per night per person, sleeps 6

Indigo Mood, LondonAn outdoor space, in London? You heard us. And it's affordable too.

From £92 per person per night, sleeps 2

The Winery, LisbonA stone archway, Gaiola Pombalina beams, and a sculptural wine rack? Yes please. Architecture lovers, this one's for you. The brown colour scheme won't be to everyone's taste, but it definitely feels sophisticated.

From £50 per person per night, sleeps 4

The Walnut, LAIt's a studio space, but who cares with a ceiling like this. Just look at the height on that thing.

From £70 per night per person, sleeps 2

From the Vine, LisbonMinimalists avert your eyes now. Tangerine walls, cowhide rug, tribal mask, lemurs - somehow it just works.

From £50 per person per night, sleeps 4

The Social Attic, LASo, we know this isn't the kookiest home on the list, but it's a great example of quality on a budget. High ceilings? Check. Leather furniture? Check. Stylish concrete wall? Check. The Social Attic has plenty to offer.

From £40 per night per person, sleeps 4

Show and Tell, BerlinA bit of a looker, Show and Tell sure knows how to accessorise.

From £40 per person per night, sleeps 8

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