How to Enjoy Your Weekend in Lockdown

Keep yourself entertained with our guide to fun things to do at home during a lockdown weekend. (You're welcome.)


Lockdowns are forcing us to be more inventive than ever, and our weekends are certainly looking a lot different to normal. That said, there are plenty of ways that we can still enjoy ourselves.

So, what to do when you’re stuck in the house all day? Here are some of our favourite ways to spend a weekend of self-isolation and social-distancing. (Not sure about you, but we’re actually quite looking forward to it.)

1. Visit your favourite museums, theatres and galleries (virtually)

If you’re used to spending your weekends gallery hopping and meandering around museums, then this period of social distancing has probably got you craving culture more than ever. But don't fret, because a number of our favourite cultural institutions are running free virtual tours and performances. Take a look at some of the ones we're most excited about here.

📷 : @josephowen

2. Bring your favourite city to you

If you had planned or were planning a trip to one of our cities, then give yourself a little taster until the time is right to travel again. Take a look at our guides on to how to bring a bit of Paris, Milan or Rome to you.

3. Pick up a paint brush

Painting is a therapeutic activity in itself, which is just what we all need right now. So, if you’ve been debating a bit of redecorating anyway, in the words of Chandler Bing, could now be a better time? Take a look at our homes for some inspiration – blue, pink, pistachio, black, mustard – you name the colour, we’ve got you covered.

4. Work on an ideal work-from-home set up

We’re a couple of weeks into working from home by now, but as with any new office environment, it takes some time to adjust and feel comfortable in your surroundings. Get inspired by the best home offices in our collection and make sure yours is the Zoom envy of all of your colleagues.

5. Create the perfect home library

Whether you want to arrange your books by size, colour, genre, author, the list really is endless. You could push the boat out and arrange them by size this weekend, and genre next weekend. Gosh, such fun ahead. Take a look at how our hosts have done it here.

6. Declutter… finally

You can't make excuses any longer, folks. You've had it on your to-do list for ten years, but now is finally the time to declutter your home. Go all out Marie Kondo and get your home looking like one of these marvels of minimalism.

7. Read a great book

Take a break from reading the headlines by reading one of these much-loved tales of travel and adventure instead. Here, we’ve complied our ultimate travel reading list – they'll transport you to a faraway place without leaving your living room.

8. Learn a new skill

We’re seeing so many free online classes taking place at the moment – from pasta workshops with an Italian Nonna to at-home workouts with our favourite fitness personalities. And because they’re all online, you can join wherever in the world you might be. If you’re unsure of what type of skill you want to pick up, take a look at some of our favourite masterclasses in Paris and London for some ideas.

9. Turn your home into a world-class museum

It’s time to get as creative as the artists you’d normally be out and about admiring in your favourite museums and galleries. Follow our guide to creating the perfect gallery wall in your home. Just think, now you’ll finally be able to enjoy all of your favourite artworks in one central place.

10. Book a (virtual) table at your favourite restaurant

Although we can’t indulge in the luxury of a dinner out at the moment, a number of our favourite local restaurants and establishments are offering alternative takeout or grocer’s shop services. This means we can still enjoy their dishes and we can still support our city’s businesses. Double win.

📷 : @bratrestaurant

That ought to keep you busy for a while. But if you (somehow) manage to get through everything on this list – and no, you can’t skip number 6 – then explore our collection of remarkable homes and start planning your dream future trip.

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